Sub Contract Machining

We are now offering the following machining services in our facilities;


ECM Machining


STEM Drilling


EDM Machining


Wire Cutting


Fast Hole EDM Drilling



Capacity List


  • ECM 1000 (3 off) – these are our single axis ECM machines with capability of machining materials of any hardness.
  • STEM SD1 (2 off) – these are our single axis, dual chamber STEM Drilling machines using Nitric Acid and Titanium STEMs in order to drill holes upto 600mm in components.
  • EDM CNCP40 (2 off) – these are our CNC Spark Eroder machines.
  • FHD FK22 (1 off) – this is our standard single axis fast hole drilling machine.
  • FHD6 CNC (1 off) – this is our 6 axis fast hole drilling machine for aerospace and IGT work.
  • Wire EDM BSW530 – this is a CNC wire erosion machine with submerged tank.

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